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Power is considered to be a foremost driving force of development and economic growth. Almost all sectors of society depend on electricity to function. What happens, though, when the supply of power is not enough to support the demand? Does one have to wait in the dark?

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Signs of recovery from the recent economic downturn are increasingly becoming noticeable in many of the world’s economy. The South East Asia and Gulf Cooperating Countries, for instance, with its new-found economic and social buoyancy, is showing renewed aggressiveness in infrastructure projects and massive commercial and residential developments. Its neighboring region, the Indian Sub-continent, is also enjoying an upturn. According to a recently published market report from the Asian Development Bank, the South Asian region, to which the Indian Sub-continent belongs, is predicted to grow by 5.3% in 2014 and by 5.8% in 2015. In fact, India alone is forecast to achieve growth rates of anywhere between 5.5% and 6%.

Since the industrial revolution, power has always been identified as a key factor in encouraging economic growth, and that has not changed till today. As the demand for energy exponentially increases in an expanding economy, with the spike in construction and utility infrastructure projects, and the rise in population and household and commercial consumption, the need to support the Sub-continent’s power requirements becomes ever more urgent. In order to sustain the region’s momentum, an ample supply of clean, viable and affordable energy is imperative. In this light, the Indian Sub-continent should be able to explore new energy sources and technologies that do not only promote energy efficiency but also environmental stewardship.

Facing power shortage

It is worthy to note that some countries in the Indian Sub-continent are still experiencing challenges in the context of supporting electricity demands. Power failure, owing to several factors, including limitation in resources, low generation capacity, extreme levels of demand, and derated capacity of power station machinery, among others, has become an acute problem in several areas.

Take Bangladesh as an example. An article from the Journal of Selected Areas in Renewable and Sustainable Energy, titled “Power crisis and its solutions through renewable energy in Bangladesh”, by Khairul Anam and Husnain Al Bustam of the Islamic University of Technology, reports that only 10% of Bangladesh’s rural households has access to electricity, and that some parts of the country will not be connected to the national grid until 2030. Despite the effort of the national government to add power generation units to the national grid, the areas that are connected to power sources are still suffering from severe load shedding.

Even India is not saved from power distribution woes. Majority of the country’s supply is derived from thermal or hydroelectric sources, and with the country’s rapidly growing economy and population, power generation facilities are increasingly finding it difficult to cope up with the requirement. A manifestation of this was the reported failure of the Northern and Eastern grids, which put activities in cities such as Delhi to a halt. The negative effects of the two-day partial power outage was reportedly felt across several segments, most notably in the industrial sector.

Moreover, several reports in national and regional publications cite that approximately a third of India’s population is not connected to electricity and that those that are experience regular power interruptions.

Other countries in the Sub-continent, including Nepal and Sri Lanka, have similar stories to tell. In Nepal, the demand for electricity, which stands at 1,200 MW, cannot be supported by the local production of 750 MW during the rainy season and of 450 MW during the dry season. This has prompted the country’s government to declare a national energy crisis in 2008 and to form task forces to further explore the potential of hydropower in the next 20 years. In Sri Lanka, while nearly 60% of the population reportedly has access to electricity, much of the fraction is concentrated on the more developed Western Province, leaving the other areas with less than 30% access.

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Now, what can be done

Unstable electricity production and regular power interruptions bring about myriad negative impacts to a country’s economy, business and people. In today’s world, power is a fundamental element for any economy to function, as every sector of the modern society, be it domestic, commercial or industrial, is heavily dependent on electricity. Nowadays, a power interruption affecting critical facilities, like hospitals, airports, telecommunications towers, data centres and oil & gas installations, has the potential to put an entire country or region to a standstill, and in light of globalisation, the consequences may transcend national or regional borders.

Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, the global provider of temporary solutions, recognizes not only the economic opportunities in the Indian Sub-continent but also the pressing need to provide innovative and creative solutions to the region’s pressing power needs.

Altaaqa Global offers state-of-the-art interim power generation solutions that are viable, cost-effective and environment friendly. For instance, the company’s diesel generators are equipped with a fuel management technology that maximizes fuel efficiency while minimizing plant shut downs by ensuring that sub-standard fuel does not affect the system. Additionally, Altaaqa Global provides power generators with gas, diesel or dual-fuel technology, specifically developed to reduce fuel costs, hence a reduction in customer expenditure for electricity. It’s dynamic blending dual-fuel technology, combining 70% gas and 30% diesel interim power plants, not only cut back on power cost but also decrease operational emissions.

The key word is ‘now’

Hiring interim power generation plants as a stop-gap measure yields many advantages, particularly when there is a foreseeable delay in the construction of permanent power generation facilities or when the spike in electricity demand proves to be seasonal.

In the context of the above-mentioned case studies, countries in the Indian Sub-continent are looking to mitigate the observed deficiency in power supply by harnessing alternative sources of energy, including geothermal, solar, hydro and nuclear. While the afore-mentioned alternative sources have recognized and acknowledged merits and potential, they may require further research, legislation and physical facilities to be operational; and this may take time.

In a study conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries in 2012, 61% of the companies that participated in the survey reported more than 10% in production short-fall due to power interruptions. Moreover, the participant companies also cited revenue losses between INR 1,000 and INR 40,000 per day, due to power cuts. The set-backs caused by power fluctuations are similar. Naturally, businesses may not be able to survive operational losses of this magnitude while waiting for permanent power generation facilities to be functional. Needless to say, the situation calls for an urgent solution.

Rental power companies, like Altaaqa Global, are capable of providing solutions as needed, when needed. Utility companies can hire temporary power plants in times when demand outpaces the supply, when the electrical grid is unstable or when power distribution networks are unavailable. This will allow them to bridge the supply deficit without waiting for another day. Hiring power generators can prove to be a viable solution to power supply inefficiency, while the permanent power infrastructure is constructed.

‘Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus’?

Not all rental power companies are the same’False in one, false in all’ does not apply in choosing an interim power partner. While the selection of the temporary power technology to be required may be indicated by operational tendencies and budget allocation, the choice of a service provider may entail a keener investigation and a more discriminating process of evaluation and elimination.

In choosing an interim power plant partner, utility companies in the Indian Sub-continent should consider a provider’s experience, support system, rate of deployment, and equipment reliability and sustainability before signing an agreement with it.


A provider should have a proven track record in delivering executable, measurable and sustainable solutions to multifarious projects. The exercise of hiring a temporary power company will be counter-productive if the company does not have the technical experience to deliver what it promises.

Support system:

The rental company should have the spare parts and the human resources to carry out after-sales support to installed and commissioned projects at any given location.

Rapid deployment:

The interim power provider should have the capability to react, deploy, mobilise and commission temporary power plants at a moment’s notice. This means that the provider should have available equipment and manpower on the ground to carry out a rapid delivery.

Equipment reliability and sustainability:

The service provider should have the adequate technology to address the unique needs of different clients. In addition, in light of an increasingly rigid set of licensing and sustainability regulations of most of the governments in the world, the rental company should be capable of providing technologies that encourage environmental stewardship, while maximising fuel efficiency. Systems that operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and on compressed natural gas (CNG), for instance, are already available.


Load Shedding

Altaaqa Global can provide the optimal solution to customer’s energy needs.

Load shedding is detrimental to progress wherever and whenever it is applied. Switching off power in key areas to reduce the demand for energy is an inconvenience that can be avoided by hiring interim power plants to support existing power grids or at the site itself (factories, for instance). This allows day-to-day activities in the business and urban sectors to continue.

Load shedding can be avoided by hiring an interim power plant either for the utility provider’s power grid or directly for the consumer’s business sites.

Load shedding is a necessary, though inconvenient, procedure where electricity is shut down to avoid overloading the system, which, in turn, results in a total blackout. This usually happens when the demand for electricity outstrips the ability of the system to supply for it. These blackouts generally occur locally, but may even spread to large areas, such as a whole country or even a continent. There are two causes for blackouts: Lack of generation volume and deficient infrastructure to distribute enough power to the locale where it is needed.

Load shedding normally happens in countries where the energy distribution is hampered by poor and inadequate infrastructure. The opposite happens in advanced countries due to well-managed systems and adequate infrastructure.

All in all, load shedding has the capability to incapacitate the daily activities of a country. The negative effects are numerous and may lead to economic instability.

Load shedding (also known as rolling blackout, brownout or electricity interruption), is commonly utilized in industrial, large commercial, and utility operations. While waiting for the permanent solution, the quickest way to end load shedding is to hire a temporary power plant.

Facility Shutdown or Power Plant Maintenance

A proactive temporary power plant reduces risks and costs during shutdown/maintenance

There are times when utility providers need the support of supplementary power when current power facilities undergo maintenance; are under replacement or are being upgraded to the latest, more efficient technologies. Altaaqa Global’s interim power solutions represent a reliable alternative during these scheduled periods of outages with the aim of minimizing interruption in electricity supply.

A period of interruption, especially of electric current, means that the utility infrastructure and its associate power facilities are disrupted for a period of time.

A shutdown is a planned general outage of equipment used by a business for production or delivery of service, usually caused by maintenance or upgrading. All main power and other utilities are cut off for a given amount of time, disrupting the activities of normal business, which may lead to customer inconvenience. That is why minimizing the effects of a shutdown is critical.

Managing Risks

Managing shutdowns is a precise operation. Steps must be taken to ensure the proper flow of procedure. Altaaqa Global manages not only internal risks but also external risks. This list guarantees a well-orchestrated shutdown:

  • Packaged and turnkey temporary power equipment (generators, fuel tanks, transformers, switchgears and all power ancillaries)
  • Materials management & spare parts
  • Utility supplies
  • Engineering services
  • Utility company engineering departments
  • Regulatory compliance and insurance
  • Qualified & CAT certified manpower
  • Work permissions from authorities, neighboring shared services or properties
  • Shutdowns should be planned before implementation, a necessary action that will reduce the time the facility is non-operational.

Shutdowns should be planned before implementation. This is a necessary action that will reduce the time when the facility is non-operational. The shutdown plan and Altaaqa Global’s temporary power solution is divided into three specific stages:

  • Pre-shutdown – Site preparation and commissioning of the temporary power plant
  • Shutdown – Temporary power plant is running continuously, 24/7
  • Post-shutdown – Temporary power plant demobilizes

The above approach is vital because maximizing the maintenance will shorten downtime. Resourcefulness, creativity and collaboration between everyone involved is important in minimizing the outage period.

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Peak Lopping

Avoid being charged a premium or being asked to lower power consumption during peak production

Hiring a temporary power plant during times when peak production is high, to augment the existing power supply, is an option industrial companies can choose to take. There are also times when utility companies set ceiling caps for electricity consumption or when they charge you extra during peak hours. It is then more economical to hire a temporary power plant to ensure production is continuous.

In your peak production month, the utility company tells you: “Lower your power consumption or you will pay a hefty penalty!” Will you sacrifice opportunity? We can provide a load lopping solution that will guarantee the continuance of your production without paying a penalty.

Reasons to hire a temporary power plant:

  • Industrial companies have the option to hire a temporary power plant when power demand is high during peak production if the permanent utility power provider could not supply extra power
  • When utility companies set a ceiling cap for electricity consumption but one requires more power
  • If utility increases its tariff rate during peak hours and it is more economical to run an alternative power source
  • If the company incurs monetary losses due to stiff penalties imposed by utility companies for over-consumption of electricity
  • Peak lopping is used to describe how utility companies lop- or cut-off electricity when a consumer reaches the peak of consumption. This affects domestic and industrial users. However, the latter is affected more. Industries are penalized when they exceed a certain cap by being charged extra. For example:

Factory A uses the same amount of power as Factory B. The difference is that Factory A uses in two days what Factory B uses in a month. Therefore, Factory A will pay more because they will require more energy in those two days and the utility company has to get pricier, higher capacity equipment to be able to supply the needed power.

Some resort to reduce peak demand just to avoid production delays. A factory can choose to shut down parts of the complex when consumption is high. The downside associated with peak lopping can be prevented by hiring temporary power plants. It is more cost-effective than upgrading the existing system and the long-term benefits are immeasurable in terms of the impact on the day-to-day activities of the domestic and industrial sectors.

Emergency Power

Altaaqa Global understands that every minute counts during a power outage

When factories, industrial zones and tourism areas experience interruptions in electricity, the serious effects to the economy can adversely affect growth and eventually lead to severe losses. Causes of emergency power generation may be attributed to natural disasters, accidents and situations where the human factor is involved. Whatever the cause of the power interruption, Altaaqa Global can rapidly deliver a temporary power plant on short notice.

Emergency power is required when the current power supply is inaccessible and a quick solution is immediately due.

We provide temporary power in all types of emergency cases, such as:

  • Weather calamities
  • Man-made errors or accidents resulting in power outages
  • Natural disaster
  • Post-conflict
  • There are cases where utilities experience energy shortages because of reduced power from a next-door country. This may happen due to technical failure or an unexpected contractual change. Whatever the case is, consumers urgently require additional electricity either for base load, continuous operation or for emergency back-up and, hopefully, manage the situation.

Altaaqa Global’s temporary power products and technologies are the most efficient solution for a fast-track capacity application because their modular design has been custom engineered for rapid mobilization and start-up.

We guarantee energy when you need it. Fast.

Case Study

CAT® rental power provides strong, coordinated response to customers after Hurricane Sandy.

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy reached New York City, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines, causing massive power outages. When devastation like this occurs, quick response is essential. The Electric Power team and the Cat® Dealer Network supported the recovery efforts by sending equipment, personnel and other resources to help the affected areas.

After the storm hit, more than 1,400 generator sets — creating an astounding 1.1 GW of power — were deployed to customers, including gas stations, hospitals, and commercial and industrial facilities. In addition to the generators, dozens of transformers and fuels tanks, 2.5 miles of power cable and hundreds of light towers, pumps and heaters were also sent. CAT Rental Power responded directly to customer demand or sent equipment and personnel in support of the recovery effort

Back up or Standby Power

Don’t let the lack of power slow your company down

From planned shutdowns to unplanned power load shedding, a temporary power plant providing backup power to your facilities is critical to ensuring the power you require is there when you need it. Altaaqa Global is always ready to get you set up and running quickly with the largest fleet of generator sets and ancillary equipment.

Shutdowns are a costly, but necessary step to maintain equipment and ensure that it is in the best condition. Petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, refineries and other industries that heavily rely on equipment can have their production severely affected by long periods of shutdowns. Imagine a long line where the product must pass through several stages and you could already imagine how difficult it is to stop a certain stage without affecting the others. That is why scheduling and minimizing the time it takes to do maintenance is vital to the flow of production. Hiring generators is essential to avoid prolonged downtime. This is most true in industries that use refrigeration as part of the production stage. Some products have to be kept at a certain temperatures, so maintenance operations have to be properly scheduled to prevent spoilage or deterioration.

Altaaqa Global can provide multi-megawatt power generators that suit your large industrial power needs.

  • Scheduled power shutdowns
  • Remote construction sites
  • New or expanded facilities
  • Seasonal peak load needs
  • Unscheduled downtime on equipment

We can rapidly deploy anytime, anywhere and fulfill power requirements. We’ll help you find solutions and keep your production going.

Peak Shaving

How to maximize your production without paying a higher price

Most companies usually reduce the amount of energy used during peak operating hours to avoid paying the higher rates. The increased charges are usually applied during noon until 6pm where consumption is highest although it may vary depending on location. At Altaaqa Global, we realize that peak shaving solutions are part of a portfolio of services we can offer to clients. Temporary power plant companies like Altaaqa Global can help maximize the full production potential of a company.

Demand for electricity is at an all-time high. As more and more industries develop, there are markets where the need for power exceeds the supply. The demand varies according to seasons, caused by temperature extremes or lack of rainfall in hydro dependent countries. With peak shaving solutions, a temporary power plant is hired to supply electricity during peak demand periods.

Many industries and businesses often pay for consumed electricity on a need-to-use basis. Usually, this means they are charged more during peak operational hours from noon until 6:00pm and less for the rest of the day. That is why Altaaqa Global can supply you with the necessary solutions to avoid peak shaving and allow your facility to perform optimally when you need it to. This cost-efficient way of getting power without having to resort to peak shaving is vital to productivity.

Altaaqa Global is more than capable of providing long or short term, cost-effective peak shaving solutions when you need it most. Along with technologically advanced generators and power specialists to assist you every step of the way, it is our assurance to help you and your facility maximize productivity.


To maintain the momentum that it is presently enjoying, it is imperative that the Indian Sub-continent take steps and measures to mitigate the economic and industrial impact of the present power shortage. Foraying into the domain of renewable sources of energy, like geothermal, solar, hydro and nuclear, has the potential to be a long-term solution, but waiting for the facilities to be operational may take time, owing to legislative and infrastructure requirements. Rental power companies, like Altaaqa Global, proposes solutions that address the issues of urgency, cost-efficiency, reliability, energy-efficiency and environmental safety. In recognition of the indispensable role of electricity in today’s modern society, it is advisable that utility companies should provide for a contingent and power solution in cases of power interruption that may lead to operational delays and, ultimately, negative economic and financial consequences.


The foregoing article was originally published in the May 2014 issue of Power Watch India.

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About Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of Zahid Group, has been selected by Caterpillar Inc. to deliver multi-megawatt turnkey temporary power solutions worldwide. The company owns, mobilizes, installs, and operates efficient temporary independent power plants (IPP’s) at customer sites, focusing on the emerging markets of Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Offering power rental equipment that will operate with different types of fuel such as diesel, natural gas, or dual-fuel, Altaaqa Global is positioned to rapidly deploy and provide temporary power plant solutions, delivering electricity whenever and wherever it may be needed.



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Altaaqa Global Opens Office in Southern Africa

Dubai-based Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, a global provider of temporary power solutions, has recently opened a new branch in Johannesburg that will cater to several countries in Southern Africa, including the Republic of South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


The new Johannesburg office will serve as a hub for Altaaqa Global’s sales and operations in the Southern African region

The new Johannesburg office will serve as a hub for Altaaqa Global’s sales and operations in the Southern African region


Altaaqa Global will bring its expertise, innovative technologies, industry-proven reliability and rapid deployment to the region, which is largely known for its thriving oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, and mineral and coal mining industries. Peter den Boogert, General Manager of Altaaqa Global, said that we would provide Southern Africa with the most advanced power plant packaged systems, remote monitoring, and fuel-efficient gas, diesel or dual-fuel-powered generators. “Altaaqa Global and its sister company in Saudi Arabia have a total combined fleet of 1,400 MW rental power plant generation readily available to serve the Southern African region.”

One of the flagship innovations that Altaaqa Global will offer, he added, was the flexible operational mode that can switch from island to grid mode in just seconds. Furthermore, Altaaqa Global’s energy rental dynamic package allows its power plants to hook directly to the grid without the need for a substation.

The global outlook for the rental power industry has been encouraging, and Steven Meyrick, Board Representative of Altaaqa Global, sees merit in capitalizing on it through strategic market and geographic expansion. “With this recent feat, we believe that we are on our way to fulfilling, even exceeding, the highly ambitious objectives we set at the launch of our company in 2012.” Meyrick added that Altaaqa Global would continue to pursue multi-megawatt independent power projects (IPP) in various industries, in addition to heavily investing in human resources, process and business optimization, and product expansion.

In line with its avowed corporate social responsibility programs that aim to alleviate the social needs of its immediate environs, Altaaqa Global will also continue to provide job opportunities, extend immediate assistance for school children, and conduct educational campaigns on energy conservation and environmental stewardship in Southern Africa. Meyrick continued, “One of the pillars of our sustainable business model is employing and training local professionals in areas where we operate, and we are excited to extend that commitment to Southern Africa.”

Majid Zahid, Strategic Accounts Director of Altaaqa Global, said, “Southern Africa has a promising economic outlook within the energy, engineering, production, oil and gas, and mining sectors, and we are delighted to open our new office in Africa to provide our wide range of highly innovative interim power plants. We are determined to serve various industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, electric power utilities, industrial manufacturing and maritime.”

Altaaqa Global has been aggressively making inroads into the African market with the opening of branch offices in several key locations in the continent. “We have also recently opened an office in East Africa,” said Den Boogert, “and have appointed a highly competent management team to oversee our African operations.” He shared the information that Hendrick Mtemeri, a power distribution veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the power utility industry, has been appointed as the Regional Director for the entire Sub-Saharan region, and Paul Heyns, a power equipment engineering expert based in Pretoria, and Oduor Omolo, power generation professional based in Nairobi, have been appointed as Sales Managers for Southern Africa and East Africa, respectively. “Under their leadership, we will reinforce our presence in Africa and ensure that we stay close with our customers.”

The economy of Southern Africa is largely driven by the precious stone, mineral and coal mining industry. The Republic of South Africa, a leading economy in the Southern African region, is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, and is touted to be the largest African economy ahead of Nigeria. Though still reeling from the effects of its recent economic setbacks, the African Economic Outlook expects South Africa’s economy to moderately accelerate in 2014. Angola’s economy, after experiencing slow growth due to the recent oil and financial crises, is also predicted to be on the rebound, expected to grow by 7.8% in 2014. Furthermore, Mozambique’s economy is forecast to maintain its upward trend, predicted to grow by 8% in 2014. Agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, in addition to mineral and coal mining, significantly contribute to the countries’ GDP, as well as to their employment rates.

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 About Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of Zahid Group, has been selected by Caterpillar Inc. to deliver multi-megawatt turnkey temporary power solutions worldwide. The company owns, mobilizes, installs, and operates efficient temporary independent power plants (IPP’s) at customer sites, focusing on the emerging markets of Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Offering power rental equipment that will operate with different types of fuel such as diesel, natural gas, or dual-fuel, Altaaqa Global is positioned to rapidly deploy and provide temporary power plant solutions, delivering electricity whenever and wherever it may be needed.


About Zahid Group

Zahid Group represents a diverse range of companies, offering comprehensive, customer-centric solutions in a number of thriving industries. Some of those include construction; mining; oil & gas; agriculture; power, electricity & water generation; material handling; building materials; transportation & logistics; real estate development; travel & tourism; and hospitality.



Robert Bagatsing

Altaaqa Global

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Altaaqa Global

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Altaaqa Global apre uffici nell’Africa meridionale

Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, il fornitore globale di soluzioni di alimentazione elettrica provvisoria con sede a Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti, ha aperto recentemente una filiale a Johannesburg, Sud Africa. Il nuovo ufficio servirà diversi paesi nell’Africa meridionale, tra cui il Sud Africa, l’Angola, il Botswana, il Mozambico, il Madagascar, il Malawi, la Namibia, lo Zambia e lo Zimbabwe.


Il nuovo ufficio in Johannesburg costituisce il centro delle vendite e delle operazioni di Altaaqa Global nell’Africa meridionale

Il nuovo ufficio a Johannesburg costituisce il centro delle vendite e delle operazioni di Altaaqa Global nell’Africa meridionale


Altaaqa Global porterà la sua competenza, tecnologie innovative, affidabilità e reattività alla regione che ha dei settori emergenti, tra cui le industrie mineraria, petrolifera e del gas, della produzione industriale e dell’estrazione di carbone. In relazione all’argomento sopra, Peter den Boogert, Gerente Generale di Altaaqa Global, ha detto che la socièta fornirebbe all’Africa meridionale centrali elettriche, sistemi di monitoraggio remoto ed elettrogeni efficaci a diversi tipi di combustibili (gas, gasolio o dual fuel): “Altaaqa Global, insieme alla sua consociata in Arabia Saudita, ha circa 1.400 MW di potenza prontamente disponibile per i clienti in questa regione.”

Una delle varie tecnologie innovative di Altaaqa Global è un sistema flessibile che può cambiare operazione da modalità “island” a modalità “grid” in pochi secondi. In aggiunta, Altaaqa Global ha delle centrali elettriche capaci di collegarsi alla rete senza bisogno di sottostazioni.

Le prospettive globali dell’industria sono promettenti e secondo Steven Meyrick, Rappresentante al Consiglio di Altaaqa Global, il presente scenario economico favorisce l’espansione geografica e strategica. “L’apertura del nostro nuovo ufficio nell’Africa meridionale, nella mia opinione, sia un passo verso il compimento, o magari il superamento, degli obiettivi ambiziosi che abbiamo fissato nel lanciamento della nostra società nel 2012. Meyrick ha aggiunto che Altaaqa Global continuerebbe a perseguire proggetti energetici in vari settori, ad investire intensamente in risorsi umani, a migliorare i suoi processi ed ad espandere la sua flotta di prodotti elettrici.

Coerente con le sue iniziative di risponsabilità sociale (CSR) rivolte ad alleviare i problemi sociali delle sue immediate vicinanze, Altaaqa Global continuerà a dare opportunità di lavoro, ad estendere assistenza ai bambini scolari ed a condurre campagne educative sul risparimo dell’energia e sulla gestione dell’ambiente. Meyrick ha detto, “Uno dei pilastri del nostro modello operativo è l’impiego e la formazione dei professionisti locali nelle aree dove abbiamo i nostri proggetti. Siamo entusiasti di introdurre lo stesso programma nell’Africa meridionale.”

Majid Zahid, Responsabile dei Clienti Strategici di Altaaqa Global, ha aggiunto, “Le prospettive economiche dell’Africa meridionale sono positive, particolarmente nell’ambito delle industrie mineraria, energetica, meccanica, produttiva, petrolifera e del gas. Siamo lieti di aprire il nostro nuovo ufficio nell’Africa meridionale che ci permetterà di offrire la vasta gamma dei nostri impianti provvisori. Siamo determinati a servire diversi settori, tra cui il settorio del petroleo e del gas, dell’energia elettrica, petrochimico, minerario, manifatturiero industriale e marittimo.”

Altaaqa Global sta aggressivamente facendo il suo ingresso nell’Africa con l’apertura delle filiali nei luoghi strategici in tutto il continente. Den Boogert ha detto che la società aveva recentemente aperto un ufficio a Nairobi e che aveva nominato un competente organo amministrativo che gestirebbe l’operazione nella regione. Ha aggiunto che Hendrick Mtemeri, un veterano dell’industria di distribuzione elettrica con 20 anni di esperienza, era stato nominato il Direttore Regionale per la regione subsahariana. Inoltre, Paul Heyns, un ingegnere specializzato in attrezzature elettriche che risiede a Pretoria, ed Oduor Omolo, un professionista nell’ambito di produzione di elettricità che risiede a Nairobi, erano stati nominati Responsabili Commerciali per l’Africa meridionale e l’Africa orientale, rispettivamente. “Sotto la loro direzione, rafforzeremo la nostra presenza in Africa e manterremo la nostra relazione con i nostri clienti,” ha detto Den Boogert.

L’economia dell’Africa meridionale è sostenuta in gran parte dal settore minerario, particolarmente di pietre preziose, minerali e carbone. Il Sud Africa, la prima economia del continente africano, è classificato dalla Banca mondiale tra le economie a reddito medio-alto ed è stimato più grande dell’economia nigeriana. Sebbene subisca ancora gli effetti della recente crisi economica, le prospettive economiche del paese per il 2014, secondo lo studio African Economic Outlook, sono incoraggianti. Nel frattempo, l’economia dell’Angola, dopo un periodo di crescita lenta a causa della recente crisi finanziaria e petrolifera, è prevista in crescita del 7.8% nel 2014. Inoltre, si prevede che l’economia del Mozambico mantenga una prospettiva positiva, con una crescita dell’8% nel 2014. Oltre all’industria mineraria, i settori agricolo, manifatturiero e petrolifero e del gas contribuiscono notevolmente al PIL dei paesi africani e ai loro tassi di occupazione.


 Su Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, una società controllata dal Gruppo Zahid (Zahid Group), è stata scelta da Caterpillar Inc. per fornire soluzioni di alimentazione elettrica provvisoria da multi-megawatt chiavi in mano al livello mondiale. La società possiede, mobilita, installa e gestisce efficaci centrali elettriche independenti temporanee presso gli stabilimenti dei clienti, particolarmente nei mercati emergenti, tra cui l’Africa subsahariana, l’Asia Centrale, il subcontinente indiano, l’America Latina, il Sud-Est asiatico, il Medio Oriente ed il Nordafrica. Altaaqa Global, che offre attrezzature energetiche a noleggio a diversi tipi di combustibile, come gasolio, gas natural e dual fuel (70% gas e 30% gasolio), è ben posizionato a provvedere ed implementare rapidamente centrali elettriche temporanee che forniscono elettricità in qualsisasi momento e luogo quando sia necessaria.


Sul Gruppo Zahid (Zahid Group)

Il Gruppo Zahid (Zahid Group) è composto da una vasta gamma di società che offrono soluzioni globali focalizzate sui clienti in diverse industrie emergenti. Alcune di queste industrie sono i settori edile, minerario, petrolifero e del gas, agricolo, energetico, idrico, turistico ed alberghiero. Il gruppo opera, inoltre, nell’ambito dei settori di manipolazione del materiale, dei materiali da costruzione, del trasporto e della logistica, e di sviluppo immobiliare.



Robert Bagatsing

Altaaqa Global

Tel: +971 56 174 95 05



Altaaqa Global

Dipartimento di Marketing

P.O. Box 262989

Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti


Altaaqa Global在非洲南部新设办公室

Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power是一家总部位于迪拜的临时电力供应商,致力于为全球客户提供临时电力解决方案,最近在约翰内斯堡开设了新的分支机构,主要为如下南部非洲国家提供服务:南非、安哥拉、博茨瓦纳、莫桑比克、马达加斯加、马拉维、纳米比亚、赞比亚和津巴布韦。


新近成立的约翰内斯堡办事处将作为Altaaqa Global在非洲南部地区的销售和运营 枢纽。

新近成立的约翰内斯堡办事处将作为Altaaqa Global在非洲南部地区的销售和运营


Altaaqa Global在蓬勃发展的石油和天然气、工业制造、矿产及煤炭开采等行业享誉盛名,此举有助于公司将其专业知识、创新技术、业界认可的可靠性和快速部署推广到南部非洲。Altaaqa Global总经理彼得·登·布格特(Peter den Boogert)宣布公司将为南部非洲提供最先进的成套电厂系统、远程遥控和高效的汽油、柴油或双燃料驱动发电机:“Altaaqa Global和其沙特阿拉伯的姊妹公司有共1400 MW的可租赁发电机为南部非洲地区提供服务。”

他还补充说,公司的重要创新之一就是灵活的操作模式,即可以在短短几秒钟内从环岛模式切换到网格模式。此外,Altaaqa Global的动态能源租赁包使得临时电厂可直接连入电网,无需变电站。

电力租赁业有着非常好的全球发展前景,Altaaqa Global的董事会代表史蒂芬·梅里克(Steven Meyrick)通过战略市场融资和地域扩张帮助公司抢占了商机。“有了近期的发展,我们相信我们正在一步步实现、甚至是超越公司2012年成立时设定的雄心勃勃的目标。”梅里克先生还表示Altaaqa Global将继续在多个行业发展多兆瓦级独立电厂计划(IPP),此外公司还将大力投资人力资源,过程和业务优化,以及产品扩张。

在继续履行其公布的企业社会责任计划,减轻周围环境面临的社会挑战的同时,Altaaqa Global也将继续在南部非洲提供就业机会,扩大对学龄儿童的即时援助,开展教育活动,宣传能源节约和倡导保护环境。梅里克继续说道:“我们采用的是可持续的商业模式,其支柱之一就是在当地聘用和培养专业人士,所以我们非常高兴能够将这一承诺扩展到南部非洲。”

Altaaqa Global的战略客户总监马吉德·扎西德(Majid Zahid)说:“南部非洲在能源、工程、生产、石油和天然气以及采矿行业有着广阔的经济前景。因此,我们很高兴能在非洲开设新办事处,提供各类创新型临时电厂。我们的服务涉及多个领域,如石油和天然气、石化、采矿、电力公用事业、工业制造和海运业。”

Altaaqa Global已经在非洲的关键城市开设了若干分支机构,以进军非洲市场。“我们最近也在东非开设了新办事处,”登·布格特先生进一步说道,“我们还派了一支优秀的管理团队来负责非洲业务。”他之后宣布任命亨德里克·麦蒂梅里(Hendrick Mtemeri)为整个撒哈拉以南地区的区域主管。亨德里克在电力公用事业的配电领域拥有超过20年的行业经验。在比勒陀利亚工作的电力设备工程专家保罗·海恩斯(Paul Heyns)和在内罗毕工作的发电专家欧德·奥莫洛(Oduor Omolo)分别被任命为南部非洲和东非地区的销售经理。“在他们的领导下,我们将加强在非洲的业务,并确保与客户保持紧密联系,”登·布格特先生总结道。


 — 完 —

 关于Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global是扎西德集团旗下的子公司,被卡特彼勒公司选中,在全球范围内提供多兆瓦级交钥匙临时电力解决方案。公司在客户指定地点建立临时的独立发电厂

(IPP),整个工程的调动、安装和操作都由Altaaqa Global完成,建成的发电厂也归Altaaqa Global所有。公司现在重点关注撒哈拉以南的非洲、中亚、印度次大陆、拉丁美洲、东南亚、中东和北非的新兴市场。公司还提供以不同燃料为基础的电力租赁设备,燃料种类包括柴油、天然气或双燃料,还能够提供并迅速部署临时发电厂解决方案,在需要的任何时间和地点提供电力。






Robert Bagatsing

Altaaqa Global

电话:+971 56 1749505



Altaaqa Global

Marketing Department

P.O.Box 262989



Компания Altaaqa Global открывает офис в Южной Африке

Компания Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power – дубайский глобальный поставщик временных решений в области энергоснабжения – недавно открыла новый филиал в Йоханнесбурге, который будет обслуживать несколько стран в Южной Африке, включая ЮАР, Анголу, Ботсвану, Мозамбик, Мадагаскар, Малави, Намибию, Замбию и Зимбабве.


Новый офис в Йоханнесбурге будет служить центром сбыта и операций компании Altaaqa Global в южноафриканском регионе

Новый офис в Йоханнесбурге будет служить центром сбыта и операций компании Altaaqa Global в южноафриканском регионе


<Компания Altaaqa Global принесет в этот регион, который хорошо известен своей процветающей нефтегазовой промышленностью, промышленным производством и добычей полезных ископаемых и угля, свой опыт, инновационные технологии, доказанную в этой отрасли надежность и возможности быстрого развертывания. Петер ден Богерт – генеральный директор компании Altaaqa Global – объявил, что компания Altaaqa Global обеспечит Южную Африку самыми передовыми комплексными системами электростанций, системами дистанционного мониторинга и топливосберегающими работающими на газе, дизельном топливе или двух видах топлива генераторами: «Компания Altaaqa Global и ее родственная компания в Саудовской Аравии имеют общий парк сдаваемых в аренду электростанций общей мощностью 1400 МВт, который может быть использован для обслуживания южноафриканского региона».

Одним из многих флагманскиз инноваций компании Altaaqa Global – добавил он – является гибкий режим работы, который можно в считанные секунды переключать с островного на сетевой. Кроме того динамичный энергетический пакет компании Altaaqa позволяет подключать ее электростанции непосредственно к энергосистеме без подстанций.

Глобальные перспективы отрасли по сдаче в аренду систем выработки электроэнергии весьма обнадеживают, и Стивен Мейрик – представитель правления компании Altaaqa Global – предвидит возможности, и пользуется ими за счет расширения стратегического рынка и географической экспансии. «После этого недавнего успеха мы считаем, что находимся на пути к достижению и, возможно, даже превышению весьма амбициозных целей, которые мы поставили, когда создали свою компанию в 2012 году». Г-н Мейрик добавил, что компания Altaaqa Global продолжит реализацию мегамегаваттных независимых энергетических проектов (НЭП) в различных отраслях в дополнение к крупным инвестициям в людские ресурсы, оптимизацию технологических процессов и бизнеса и расширения портфеля продуктов.

В соответствии со своими общепризнанными программами корпоративной социальной ответственности, которые направлены на смягчение социальных проблем в ее непосредственном окружении, компания Altaaqa Global будет также продолжать предоставлять рабочие места, расширять немедленную помощь школьникам и проводить просветительские кампании об энергосбережении и экологическом лидерстве в Южной Африке. Meyrick продолжил: «Одной из основ нашей устойчивой бизнес-модели является найм и обучение местных специалистов в областях, где мы работаем, поэтому мы очень рады распространить этот подход на Южную Африку».

Маджид Захид – директор компании Altaaqa Global по работе со стратегическими клиентами – сказал: «Южная Африка имеет многообещающие перспективы экономические экономики в энергетическом, техническом, производственном, нефтегазовом и горнодобывающем секторах. Поэтому мы рады открыть свой новый офис в Африке для поставки своего широкого спектра инновационных временных электростанций. Мы полны решимости обслуживать различные секторы, такие как нефтегазовая, нефтехимическая и горнодобывающая промышленность, электроэнергетические компании, промышленное производство и морское судоходство.

Компания Altaaqa Global настойчиво стремится проникнуть на африканский рынок, открывая филиалы в нескольких ключевых местах по всему континенту. «Мы также открыли недавно офис в Восточной Африке, – объяснил г-н ден Богерт, – и назначили весьма компетентный менеджмент для руководства нашими африканскими операциями». Затем он сообщил новость, что Хендрик Мтемери – ветеран с более, чем 20-летним опытом работы в энергоснабжении, назначен региональным директором по всему региону к югу от Сахары, а Пол Хейнс – специалист по проектированию энергетического оборудования из Претории – и Одюор Омоло – специалист по выработке из Найроби – назначены на должности менеджеров по сбыту, соответственно, по Южной и Восточной Африке. «Под их руководством мы усилим свое присутствие в Африке и обеспечим сохранение близких контактов со своими клиентами». Г-н ден Богерт в заключение сказал.

Экономика Южной Африки в большой степени базируется на промышленности по добыче драгоценных камней, полезных ископаемых и угля. ЮАР – ведущая экономика в Южной Африке – классифицируется Всемирным банком как экономика с доходами верхнего среднего уровня и считается крупнейшей африканской экономики, опережая Нигерию. Хотя Южная Африка еще не оправилась от последствий недавних экономических неудач, African Economic Outlook ожидает, что в 2014 году ее экономика умеренно ускорит свой рост. Тем временем прогнозируется, что после вызванного недавними нефтяным и финансовым кризисами медленного роста экономика Анголы также возобновит в 2014 году рост на 7,8%. Кроме того, ожидается, что экономика Мозамбика сохранит свою тенденцию, и ее рост составит в 2014 году 8%. В ВВП этих стран, а также показатели занятости в них большой вклад  вносят, помимо добычи полезных ископаемых и угля, сельское хозяйство, обрабатывающая и нефтегазовая промышленность.

 — Конец —

О компании Altaaqa Global

Компания Altaaqa Global, являющаяся подразделением группы компаний Zahid Group, была выбрана компанией Caterpillar Inc. в качестве поставщика решений по обеспечению энергоснабжения по всему миру в объеме, измеряющемся многими мегаваттами. Компания владеет, мобилизует, устанавливает и эксплуатирует эффективные временные независимые электростанции (НЭС) на объектах заказчиков, сосредоточившись на развивающихся рынках регионов Африки, расположенных к югу от Сахары, Центральной Азии, Индостана, Латинской Америки, Юго-Восточной Азии, Ближнего Востока и Северной Африки. Наличие сдаваемого в аренду оборудования, работающего на различных видах топлива, таких как дизельное топливо, природный газ или двойное топливо, позволяет компании Altaaqa Global поставлять и в короткие сроки развертывать временные электростанции, обеспечивая энергоснабжение там, где необходимо, и тогда, когда это необходимо.


О группе компаний Zahid Group

Группа компаний Zahid Group представляет широкий ряд компаний, предлагающих полный набор услуг, ориентированных на потребности клиента, в различных отраслях, переживающих подъем. В их числе – строительство, горнодобывающая промышленность, нефтегазовая промышленность, сельское хозяйство, энергетика, выработка электроэнергии и водоснабжение, транспортировка материалов, строительные материалы, транспорт и логистика, девелоперская деятельность, путешествия и туризм и гостиничный сектор.



Роберт Багатсинг

Altaaqa Global

Тел: +971 56 1749505



Altaaqa Global

Marketing Department

P.O. Box 262989

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Altaaqa Global abre escritório na África Austral

A Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, fornecedora global de soluções temporárias de energia com sede em Dubai, abriu recentemente em Joanesburgo uma nova filial que atenderá diversos países na África Austral, entre eles: África do Sul, Angola, Botsuana, Moçambique, Madagascar, Maláui, Namíbia, Zâmbia e Zimbábue.


O novo escritório em Joanesburgo servirá como central de vendas e operações da Altaaqa Global na região sul da África

O novo escritório em Joanesburgo servirá como central de vendas e operações da Altaaqa Global na região sul da África


A Altaaqa Global levará sua experiência, suas tecnologias inovadoras, sua confiabilidade comprovada no setor e sua rápida implementação para a região, que é amplamente conhecida por sua prosperidade em petróleo e gás, fabricação industrial e pelo setor de mineração de minerais e carvão. Peter den Boogert, gerente geral da Altaaqa Global, anunciou que a Altaaqa Global fornecerá à África Austral os mais avançados sistemas integrados de central elétrica, monitoramento remoto e geradores a gás, a diesel ou uma combinação dos dois com uso eficiente de combustível: “A Altaaqa Global e sua empresa irmã na Arábia Saudita têm uma frota total combinada de 1.400 MW de energia de aluguel proveniente de centrais elétricas de disponibilização imediata para atender à região sul da África”.

Uma das muitas inovações importantes da Altaaqa Global, acrescentou, é seu modo operacional flexível, que pode alternar entre o modo isolado e o modo em rede em questão de segundos. Além disso, o pacote dinâmico de energia de aluguel da Altaaqa Global permite que suas centrais elétricas se conectem diretamente à rede sem precisar de uma subestação.

O panorama global para o setor de energia de aluguel é muito animador e Steven Meyrick, representante do conselho da Altaaqa Global, enxerga oportunidades à frente que aproveitam isso usando a expansão estratégica geográfica e de mercado. “Com esta recente façanha, acreditamos estar a caminho de alcançar, e quem sabe até mesmo ultrapassar, os objetivos altamente ambiciosos que definimos ao fundar a empresa em 2012”. Meyrick acrescentou que a Altaaqa Global continuará buscando projetos elétricos independentes (IPP, Independent Power Projects) de muitos megawatts em vários setores, além de investir pesado em recursos humanos, otimização de processos e negócios e expansão de produtos.

De acordo com seus programas corporativos de responsabilidade social apresentados que visam amenizar os desafios sociais de seu ambiente próximo, a Altaaqa Global também continuará oferecendo oportunidades de emprego, estendendo assistência imediata para crianças em escolas e conduzindo campanhas educacionais sobre conservação de energia e liderança ambiental na África Austral. Meyrick continuou, “Um dos pilares de nosso modelo empresarial sustentável é empregar e treinar profissionais locais nas áreas nas quais operamos, por isso estamos muito motivados para estender esse compromisso à África Austral”.

Majid Zahid, diretor de contas estratégicas da Altaaqa Global, disse, “A África Austral tem uma perspectiva econômica promissora nos setores de energia, engenharia, produção, mineração, petróleo e gás. Portanto, estamos felizes em abrir um novo escritório na África para fornecer nossa vasta gama de centrais elétricas temporárias altamente inovadoras. Estamos determinados a atender a vários setores, como o petrolífero e o de gás, o petroquímico, o de mineração, os serviços públicos de fornecimento de energia elétrica, de fabricação industrial e setores navais.”

A Altaaqa Global tem feito progresso constante no mercado africano com a abertura de filiais em diversos locais importantes do continente. “Também abrimos um escritório na África Oriental recentemente”, explicou den Boogert, “e nomeamos uma equipe de gerenciamento altamente competente para supervisionar nossas operações africanas”. Em seguida, divulgou a notícia de que Hendrick Mtemeri, veterano em distribuição de energia, com mais de 20 anos de experiência no setor de serviços públicos de energia, foi nomeado diretor regional de toda a região subsaariana, e que Paul Heyns, especialista em engenharia de equipamentos para serviços de energia baseado em Pretória, e Oduor Omolo, profissional da geração de energia baseado em Nairóbi, foram nomeados gerentes comerciais na África Austral e na África Oriental, respectivamente. “Sob sua liderança, fortaleceremos nossa presença na África e garantiremos que estaremos próximos de nossos clientes”, den Boogert concluiu.

A economia da África Austral é amplamente impulsionada pelo setor de pedras preciosas e de mineração de minerais e carvão. A África do Sul, uma economia líder na região sul da África, foi classificada como economia de renda média alta pelo Banco Mundial e está a caminho de se tornar a maior economia africana, à frente da Nigéria. Embora a África do Sul ainda esteja se recuperando dos efeitos de recentes dificuldades econômicas, o African Economic Outlook espera que sua economia acelere moderadamente em 2014. Enquanto isso, também é previsto que a economia da Angola, que teve crescimento lento devido à recente crise financeira e do petróleo, também se recupere e cresça 7,8 % em 2014. Além disso, a previsão é de que a economia de Moçambique mantenha sua tendência ascendente, com um crescimento previsto de 8 % em 2014. A agricultura, a manufatura, o petróleo e o gás, além da mineração de minerais e carvão, contribuem muito para o PIB desses países, bem como para suas taxas de emprego.


 Sobre a Altaaqa Global

A Altaaqa Global, uma subsidiária do Grupo Zahid, foi selecionada pela Caterpillar Inc. para distribuir soluções elétricas completas e temporárias de muitos megawatts em todo o mundo. A companhia possui, mobiliza, instala e opera usinas elétricas eficientes independentes temporárias (IPPs, Independent Power Plants) nos locais do cliente, concentrando-se nos mercados emergentes da África Subsaariana, Ásia Central, Subcontinente Indiano, América Latina, Sudeste da Ásia, Oriente Médio e Norte da África. Disponibilizando equipamentos de energia elétrica de aluguel que podem operar com diferentes tipos de combustíveis, como diesel, gás natural ou bicombustível, a Altaaqa Global está posicionada para fornecer e implementar rapidamente soluções com centrais elétricas temporárias, fornecendo eletricidade sempre e onde quer que seja necessário.


Sobre o Grupo Zahid

O Grupo Zahid representa uma gama diversa de empresas que oferecem soluções abrangentes e centradas no cliente em vários setores em expansão. Algumas dessas atividades incluem construção; mineração; petróleo e gás; agricultura; geração de energia, eletricidade e água; manuseio de materiais; materiais para construção; transporte e logística; desenvolvimento imobiliário; viagens e turismo e hotelaria.



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Altaaqa Global ouvre un bureau en Afrique austral

Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, fournisseur mondial basé à Dubaï de solutions d’alimentation électrique temporaire, vient d’ouvrir une succursale à Johannesburg en vue de prendre en charge plusieurs pays d’Afrique australe, notamment : l’Afrique du Sud, l’Angola, le Botswana, le Mozambique, Madagascar, le Malawi, la Namibie, la Zambie et le Zimbabwe.


Le nouveau bureau de Johannesburg servira de base centrale aux activités de ventes et d'exploitation d'Altaaqa Global dans la région de l'Afrique australe

Le nouveau bureau de Johannesburg servira de base centrale aux activités de ventes et d’exploitation d’Altaaqa Global dans la région de l’Afrique australe


Altaaqa Global apportera son expertise, ses technologies innovantes, sa fiabilité éprouvée pour assurer un déploiement rapide dans une région renommée pour ses secteurs en plein essor du gaz et du pétrole, de la production industrielle et de l’extraction de minéraux et de charbon. Peter den Boogert, directeur général d’Altaaqa Global, a annoncé qu’Altaaqa Global fournira à l’Afrique australe les systèmes les plus avancés de centrales électriques, de groupes électrogènes à surveillance à distance économes en carburant, fonctionnant au gaz, au diesel ou aux deux : « Altaaqa Global et sa société sœur en Arabie saoudite détiennent à elles deux un parc total de centrales électriques de location d’une capacité de production de 1400 MW, prêtes à desservir la région de l’Afrique australe.

« L’une des nombreuses innovations phares d’Altaaqa Global, » a-t-il ajouté, « est le mode opérationnel souple que nous employons, qui peut passer du mode îlot au mode réseau électrique en l’espace de quelques secondes. D’autre part, le système dynamique d’énergie de location d’Altaaqa Global permet de connecter ses centrales électriques directement au réseau sans avoir besoin de passer par l’intermédiaire d’un poste.

Les perspectives mondiales pour le secteur de la location sont très prometteuses, et Steven Meyrick, représentant de la direction d’Altaaqa Global, envisage des débouchés en capitalisant sur ce marché stratégique et en prévoyant son expansion géographique. « Avec l’ouverture de ce bureau, nous pensons que nous sommes sur la bonne voie pour atteindre, et peut-être même dépasser, les objectifs hautement ambitieux que nous nous sommes fixés lorsque nous avons lancé notre société en 2012. » M. Meyrick a ajouté qu’Altaaqa Global continuera à s’intéresser à des projets de centrales électriques indépendantes (CEI) de plusieurs mégawatts dans divers secteurs, tout en investissant lourdement dans les ressources humaines, l’optimisation des processus et des affaires, et l’expansion des produits.

En accord avec ses programmes de responsabilité sociale qui visent à atténuer les problèmes sociaux de son environnement immédiat, Altaaqa Global va également continuer à créer des emplois, à élargir l’assistance immédiate offerte aux enfants scolarisés et à mener des campagnes de sensibilisation à la conservation de l’énergie et au leadership environnemental en Afrique australe. « L’un des piliers de notre modèle d’entreprise durable, » a continué M. Meyrick, « consiste à employer et à former des professionnels sur place dans nos domaines d’exploitation. Nous sommes par conséquent très heureux de pouvoir étendre notre modèle à l’Afrique australe.»

« Les perspectives économiques de l’Afrique australe sont prometteuses dans les secteurs de l’énergie, de l’ingénierie, de la production, du pétrole et du gaz, et de l’extraction minière, » a expliqué Majid Zahid, directeur des comptes stratégiques d’Altaaqa Global. « Nous sommes donc très heureux d’ouvrir ce nouveau bureau en Afrique pour fournir notre large gamme de centrales électriques temporaires hautement novatrices. Nous sommes déterminés à être présents dans des secteurs variés, tels que ceux du pétrole et du gaz, de la pétrochimie, de l’extraction minière, des infrastructures électriques, de la production industrielle et du secteur maritime. »

Altaaqa Global a déjà commencé à affirmer sa présence sur le marché africain, avec l’ouverture de succursales dans plusieurs endroits clés aux quatre coins du continent. « Nous avons également ouvert un bureau en Afrique de l’Est récemment, » a expliqué M. den Boogert, « et nous avons nommé une équipe de direction extrêmement compétente pour diriger nos opérations en Afrique. » Il a poursuivi en annonçant que Hendrick Mtemeri, vétéran de la distribution électrique fort de plus de 20 années d’expérience dans le secteur des services publics d’électricité, a été nommé directeur régional de toute la région de l’Afrique subsaharienne, tandis que Paul Heyns, expert en équipements électriques basé à Pretoria a été nommé directeur commercial pour l’Afrique australe, et Oduor Omolo, professionnel de la production d’électricité basé à Nairobi, directeur commercial pour l’Afrique de l’Est. « Sous leur direction, nous allons renforcer notre présence en Afrique et nous assurer que nous restons proches de nos clients, » en a conclu M. den Boogert.

L’économie de l’Afrique australe repose en grande partie sur les secteurs des pierres précieuses, des minéraux et du charbon. L’Afrique du Sud, économie dominante dans la région de l’Afrique australe, est classée parmi les économies à revenu intermédiaire (tranche supérieure) par la Banque mondiale et est présentée comme étant la plus grande économie de l’Afrique, devant le Nigéria. Bien que l’Afrique du Sud soit encore ébranlée par les conséquences de ses récents revers économiques, les Perspectives économiques africaines prévoient pour 2014 une reprise modérée de l’activité. En attendant, après une période de croissance lente due aux récentes crises pétrolières et financières, l’économie de l’Angola devrait être sur la voie de la reprise et on s’attend dans ce pays à une croissance de 7,8 % en 2014. D’autre part, l’économie du Mozambique devrait maintenir sa tendance à la hausse, avec une croissance prévue de 8 % en 2014. Les secteurs de l’agriculture, de l’industrie, du pétrole et du gaz, en plus de ceux des minéraux et de l’extraction de charbon, contribuent largement au PIB de ces pays ainsi qu’à leur taux d’emploi.


À propos de Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, filiale du groupe Zahid, a été choisie par Caterpillar Inc. pour livrer des solutions d’alimentation électrique temporaire clé en main de plusieurs mégawatts dans le monde entier. L’entreprise possède, mobilise, installe et exploite des centrales électriques indépendantes (CEI) temporaires et efficaces sur les sites de ses clients, et se concentre sur les marchés émergents de l’Afrique subsaharienne, de l’Asie centrale, du sous-continent indien, de l’Amérique latine, de l’Asie du Sud-Est, du Moyen-Orient et de l’Afrique du Nord. Avec son offre de location d’équipements capables de fonctionner avec différents carburants (diesel, gaz naturel ou bicombustible), Altaaqa Global est bien positionnée pour fournir et déployer rapidement des solutions de centrales électriques temporaires afin de produire de l’électricité partout et à tout moment, selon les besoins de ses clients.


À propos du groupe Zahid

Le groupe Zahid représente un large éventail d’entreprises qui offrent des solutions complètes axées sur le client dans de nombreux secteurs en pleine expansion. Parmi ces secteurs on peut citer : l’exploitation minière, le pétrole et le gaz, l’agriculture, l’énergie, la production d’électricité, l’alimentation en eau, la manutention, les matériaux de construction, les transports et la logistique, le développement immobilier, les voyages et le tourisme, et l’hôtellerie.



Robert Bagatsing

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