The Republic of Albania is a small country in the Balkan peninsula surrounded by mountains and a stretch of coastline. The transition of the government to free-market has been generally successful, and Albania’s economy is on the upswing due to investments.

Albania has taken steps to build infrastructure and fund the agricultural sector to help it on its way on the road to recovery. Being the main source of revenue to the economy, agricultural infrastructure will require massive amounts of power. This can be done with support from temporary power plants.

Areas or industries that may require interim power plants:

      • Agricultural Industry
      • Petroleum and Natural Gas Facilities
      • Mining Industries
      • Energy and Power Supply Industries
      • Tourism

Altaaqa Global is able to supply power using interim power plants to petroleum, mining, events and agricultural infrastructure projects. The latest rental energy plants can supply the necessary electricity in almost any conditions, Albania is now in a position to improve its economy and may be able to tap into other sources of revenue in addition to agriculture.

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