Angola was a former Portuguese colony located in Southern Africa. It is a country rich in history and mineral resources. After rising up from a deadly civil war, Angola has seen double digit growth and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The mineral-rich country has seen oil take the lead in exports while diamonds and other minerals are a close second. The only problem is that a third of the industries is primarily located in Luanga and Bengo provinces, leaving a big part of the country stagnant. Power is not widely distributed compounding the problem further.

Areas or industries that may require temporary power plants:

      • Oil Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Utility Power Industry

Altaaqa Global is able to provide temporary turnkey power plants to supply power for oil and mining operations. The latest temporary power plants can be delivered quickly to give the necessary electricity while Angola builds or upgrades the required infrastructure.

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