The eight largest country in the world and the one that gave us Evita Peron, Argentina is presently a stable country which has gone through some very tough times throughout its rich history. A middle emerging economy with a very high rating on the Human Development Index, the country’s future is dependent on how the government maximizes its potential.

Rich in natural resources, with a highly literate population, strong in agriculture and industry-based business, Argentina is a blessed country saddled with an up and down economy. To sustain the economy, efforts must be in place to beef up the current industries. Internal expansion and foreign investments are key to this. Expanding or rebuilding industries will require interim power solutions.

Areas or industries that may require temporary power plants:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Services Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Power Utility Industry

As the industries in Argentina expand, more energy is required. Altaaqa Global can immediately deliver interim power plants to provide temporary power while the current infrastructure are repaired and upgraded is vital to maintain the present course.

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