Belize can trace its roots back to the Mayans. It was once a British colony until its independence in 1981. The country is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean. Although the country has many obstacles in terms of governance and economic reforms, the future is very positive given the strength of its main sources of income that will help Belize achieve full potential.

Tourism is the main earner in Belize, pushing oil export to second place. A strong agriculture and mineral industry adds to the economy. The only drawback is the price of electricity. The current power supply infrastructure is woefully inadequate. Belize must upgrade the existing power plants and build more to be able to supply the necessary power and sustain economic growth.

Areas or industries that may require energy solutions:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Oil Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

With the tourism industry at the forefront of Belize’s push for an increased economy, Altaaqa Global can deliver rental power plants to supply power for large-scale tourism operations. The latest and most efficient 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants are available to supply the necessary electricity needed.

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