The Republic of Benin in Africa used to be called Dahomey. It achieved independence from France in 1975 and was initially under a Marxist-Leninist government until 1991. The country is now a democracy and is currently implementing plans to stamp out corruption and improve the economy.

Subsistence agriculture is the main economy of Benin and is underdeveloped. Proposals to attract foreign investment, improve tourism and develop the information and communication industry are in place to help the economy. To realize this, the supply of necessary energy should be consistent.

Areas or industries that may require energy rental solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Information and Communications Industry
      • Power Supply Industry

Altaaqa Global can deliver interim power generators to supply consistent power to Benin’s push to improve its main industries. With 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants that can rapidly be deployed to supply the necessary electricity, Benin will be assured of power when and where it is needed.

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