Bolivia’s name was derived from Simon Bolivar, the leader of the independence movement during the Spanish-American War. It is a landlocked country, which used to be a part of the Inca Empire. Democracy was established in 1982 after a series of nearly 200 coups. At present, the government is taking steps to reform and improve itself by formulating sound economic plans.

Bolivia is currently trying to move away from being one of the poorest and least developed Latin American countries. The country’s economy has shown marked improvement in recent years, and the discovery of the second largest natural gas deposits in South America in its territory is expected to further drive it. Tourism is also a viable industry and Bolivia’s government is looking to further support the industry.

Areas or industries that may require rental power plants:

      • Natural Gas Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Power Utility Generation Industry

Power is needed to build the necessary infrastructure in Bolivia in order to capitalize on the revenue-earning potential of the newly-discovered natural gas deposits. Altaaqa Global can deliver interim power plants to supply power for large-scale operations, and its equipment is available for rapid deployment.

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