Brazil is the largest country in South America. A Portuguese colony until its independence in 1822, the country is now a presidential republic. Its expansive coastline and naturally rich resources have propelled the country to be the seventh largest economy in the world.

With strong and well-developed industries, Brazil’s economy is well ahead of all South American countries. Though severely hit by the 2008 global downturn, the country has bounced back in 2010, and has since focused on its key economic earners. Tourism has been one of the sectors that have seen a significant rise in earnings in the past years. As Brazil’s economy grows, the need for more power proportionally expands with it. As we speak, additional infrastructure is required to supply all the needed electricity.

Areas or industries that may require rental power plants:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Oil Industry
      • Power Supply Industry

Altaaqa Global can provide temporary turnkey power plants as Brazil builds additional infrastructure for its main industries. They are available along with efficient power solutions that can help support facilities that require massive amounts of electricity.

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