Chad was a colony of France that gained its independence in 1960. The country is currently stable after decades of civil war, and efforts are under way to rebuild and revitalize the economy.

Chad’s main source of revenue is oil, which has replaced the cotton industry in the economic hierarchy. The building of oil facilities is the country’s top priority, and power supply is urgently needed to support infrastructure. Agriculture is also being modernized to help Chad be self-sufficient and rely less on revenue-draining imports.

Areas or industries that may require temporary power solutions:

      • Oil Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Power Utility Industry

Chad urgently requires construction of oil and agriculture facilities to improve its economy. Power supply grids can be supported by Altaaqa Global through providing 20 MW to 100 MW interim power plants, while old ones are upgraded and new ones built. Power solutions are also essential to support construction of vital infrastructure in Chad.

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