Chile is a stable and prosperous nation in South America. A former colony of Spain, the country has a good economy with a steady growth – a situation that has reduced poverty and increased the quality of living. The country represents one of the prime examples of a successful democratic leadership in the region.

Copper is Chile’s chief export, with commodities as close second. The government is currently looking to expand tourism infrastructure, as it has shown steady growth in the past few decades. Tourism spots are currently being constructed in anticipation of a boom in the number of visitors, and, naturally, power is needed to see the construction efforts through.

Areas or industries that may require rental power plants:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Power Supply Industry

As Chile’s economy grows, so does its need for more energy, as key industries expand. Altaaqa Global can rapidly deploy rental power plants to support infrastructure-related construction activities to ensure consistent supply of power and help the country traverse the road to increased revenue.

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