Cook Islands

A former British protectorate, the Cook Islands is now a self-governing state by virtue of a free agreement with New Zealand. The population is made up of citizens of Maori descent, which enjoy what could be regarded as a dual-citizenship status with New Zealand.

Tourism is the main source of income for this cluster of islands, along with the nascent mining, agriculture and fishing industries. Lack of infrastructure is a main concern, as it hampers further growth. The government is now looking at utilizing the earnings from industries and foreign aid to construct facilities onwards to maximizing the potential of the afore-mentioned budding sectors.

Areas or industries that may require energy rental solutions:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Utility Power Generation Industry

As the Cook Islands take steps to build infrastructure to help the economy, the need for additional power can be supplied by Altaaqa Global. The latest interim power plants are available and ready to be deployed even on short notice. A comprehensive power solution package is also offered to maximize support.

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