Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti on the Caribbean. It has the second largest economy on the Caribbean and the ninth largest in Latin America. The country is also the most visited, owing to its tourism-friendly facilities.

Agriculture is a strong contributor to the economy of the Dominican Republic. Recently, tourism and telecommunications have shown encouraging numbers, and the government has looked to capitalize on this. The only foreseeable obstacle to maximizing the industries’ potential is the dated power supply infrastructure that gives erratic service. The government is now working to prevent the observed frequent loss of transmission, deemed to be unacceptable, in light of the country’s effort to grow its economy.

Areas or industries that may require interim power plants:

      • Power Supply Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Telecommunication Industry

As existing power infrastructure is upgraded or while new ones are being built, supplying the country with electricity is paramount to maintaining economic growth. Altaaqa Global has the right power solutions to help the Dominican Republic. Interim power plants are available for quick deployment to facilities that urgently need them. Twenty-four-by-seven support from a network of more than 1,700 partners assures the country of total assistance anytime and anywhere.

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