French Guiana

The French Guiana is a colony of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America. It is the largest colony of France and houses the Guiana Space Center, which is the European Space Agency’s primary launch site.

Although French Guiana is dependent on the mainland for essentials, fishing and mining are viable economic revenue-earners. Another contributor is the Guiana Space center, which earns income and employs a sizable number of people. Eco-tourism is a growing sector, and the government recognizes its potential by building more facilities related to it.

Areas or industries that may require rental power solutions:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Utility Power Industry

The French Guiana sees the viability of eco-tourism as a potentially high-earner and is currently taking steps to grow the industry. Altaaqa Global can help the country by providing temporary power generators as infrastructure is constructed. State-of-the-art 20 equipment and specifically tailored power solutions are made available to help support the effort.

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