A former British colony, The Gambia is located in West Africa and is the smallest country in mainland Africa. It enjoys political stability, while its land is fertile and arable.

Tourism and agriculture are the prime movers of The Gambia’s economy. The country is known for its natural beauty and sustainable eco-tourism practices. Agriculture, however, is vastly untapped, as only less than half of the land is cultivated. In recognition of this situation, the government is now looking into developing infrastructure to take advantage of this possible income-generating sector.

Areas or industries that may require energy rental solutions in Gambia:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

When The Gambia begins construction of agriculture infrastructure, power will be needed to support the related activities. Altaaqa Global can deliver temporary turnkey power plants to supply power for the operations. The latest and most cost-effective 20 MW and above temporary energy solutions can provide the necessary electricity in almost any conditions. Also available are effective power solutions tailored to meet every requirement.

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