Ghana was formed after the former British colony of Gold Coast combined with Togoland. The country is a democracy and has enjoyed relative political stability and peace since 1992. An abundance of natural resources has given the country a strong economy and rising human development.

As Ghana’s economy rises, so does the need for additional infrastructure. On its way to industrialization, the country may require large-scale building of facilities. In addition, upgrading infrastructure related to former small-scale sectors will help the government and reinforce its sound management policies.

Areas or industries that may require interim power solutions in Ghana:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Oil Industry
      • Energy Industry

Ghana is well is on its way to achieving industrialization, and the government is looking to keep developing infrastructure to address the needs of industries. Additional power can be supplied by Altaaqa Global’s temporary power plants as facilities are built. Cost-efficient 20 MW and above interim power plants with customized power solutions are available along with 24/7 customer service. These service offerings can help Ghana in its bid for a stronger economy.

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