Greenland is the world’s largest island and is an autonomous country within Denmark. Though the least inhabited in terms of population to land ratio, the island has natural resources still waiting to be discovered.

Though extremely dependent on fish and shrimp exports, Greenland is also training its gaze on the mining industry, as natural deposits are discovered in its territory. The island is also looking to ease the dependence on oil- or diesel-powered plants for their electricity needs by investing in more hydropower plants.

Areas or industries that may require rental energy solutions in Greenland:

      • Mining Industry
      • Hydropower Facilities
      • Shipping Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

As Greenland constructs additional infrastructure and upgrades the current ones for its industries, the need for more power is heightened. While dependence on fuel-based plants are being minimized by tapping into hydropower plants, Altaaqa Global can help support operations by supplying temporary power plants. Available power solutions and the latest temporary peaker power plants are part of a comprehensive package to provide the best service and machinery to energize Greenland’s efforts.

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