The largest island in Micronesia, Guam is host to one of the most important US military bases overseas. The economy of the island revolves around tourism, and largely benefits from the presence of the military base.

Dependent on tourism, Guam’s economy has been stable for the past decade. More revenue is predicted to be earned when the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force from Okinawa relocates to the island. The presence of almost 18,000 marines and their dependents will definitely inject more cash to the island’s economy. In addition, more facilities will be built to accommodate them.

Areas or industries that may require interim power plants in Guam:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Military and government

As facilities are being upgraded or built in anticipation of the influx of soldiers and their dependents to Guam, the need for power will definitely increase. Altaaqa Global can deliver temporary power plants to supply power for large-scale construction. The latest 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants and power solutions are available to suit Guam’s every power need.

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