Indonesia is the world’s third most populous democracy. The country is blessed with the second highest level of biodiversity and abundant natural resources. Indonesia’s economy is steadily growing due to the government’s effort to reform the economy.

Though the country has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, owing to its vast natural resources, the country’s income is not equally distributed to all its regions. Infrastructure is also insufficient, and this contributes to the slow growth pace of some industries. While the agriculture and the service industries are the biggest contributors to the economy, the government is also looking to improve on other viable industries, such as oil, natural gas and manufacturing.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Oil and Natural Gas Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry

As Indonesia expands and constructs additional infrastructure to improve the facilities of its industries, power will be needed in great amounts. Altaaqa Global can support existing electricity grids with temporary power plants which can supply energy for major operations. The latest, environmentally friendly 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants, as part of a comprehensive power solution package, will help ensure Indonesia’s steady growth.

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