Iraq was formerly known as Mesopotamia. Home to an old civilization that had its beginnings thousands of years ago, the country has greatly contributed to the history of the region and of the rest of the world. After surviving the regime of Saddam Hussein, the nation is now in the process of rebuilding.

Oil is the main economy of Iraq. As infrastructure was severely damaged by the war to oust Saddam Hussein, efforts are underway to rebuild, and energy is in short supply as power grids cannot keep up with the demand. With a new government in place, the country looks forward to national reconstruction and to opening its doors to foreign investment.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Oil Industry
      • Energy Industry
      • Construction Industry

Altaaqa Global is in a position to help Iraq in its efforts to rebuild infrastructure. Available 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants can supply the necessary electricity needed to support existing power grids. Power solutions are also packaged with the temporary power plants for a comprehensive energy package that will help Iraq have a better future.

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