Jordan is an Arab kingdom in the Middle East. The country is considered to be an emerging market with a stable economy. Its citizens enjoy an upper-middle-income way of life, and the economy has grown since Abdullah became king upon the death of his father, King Hussein.

Jordan is one of the few countries in the region that has little oil deposits and natural resources. The economy heavily draws from tourism, finance, communication and other small sectors. Currently, the country is into exploring potential energy sources, like nuclear energy, renewable energy and potentially abundant oil shale deposits.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Energy Industry
      • Oil Industry

As Jordan builds energy infrastructure and explores oil deposits, Altaaqa Global can help support existing power grids with temporary power plants. Temporary power plants of 20 MW to 100 MW made with the latest technology are available, along with cost-efficient power solutions, and can supply Jordan the necessary electricity it needs while conducting large-scale operations.

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