Korea, Republic of

Located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea has seen more economic and political stability than its northern brother. A developed country with a high standard of living, South Korea is a major exporter of electronics, vehicles and machinery, to name a few.

For more than four decades, South Korea’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds. Advancements in science and technology has put the country on the international spotlight. It is also the world’s fifth largest producer of nuclear energy. Its open policy to foreign and local investment has spurred constant building of infrastructure to accommodate additional facilities for its industries.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Science and technology Industry
      • Energy (nuclear) Industry
      • Construction Industry

As South Korea’s economy consistently grows, more facilities are required to satisfy the energy demand from industries. Altaaqa Global is able to help support existing power grids with its temporary power plants. Temporary power plants of 20 MW to 100 MW can be rapidly deployed and installed anytime and anywhere it is needed. Power solutions that fit each and every requirement are available to complement the power plants to maximize efficiency.

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