Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia and was a French colony until 1953. The country is one of the few one-party communist states left in the world. In 1988, control was decentralized and private enterprise was encouraged. The economy, then, grew steadily each year without stopping. So far, the government is committed to improving itself to attract investors.

Agriculture, tourism, mining, hydropower and construction are the main economic contributors in Laos. Infrastructure and road systems have to be improved to maximize the potential of the above-mentioned sectors. This bodes well for the country, because when facilities are improved, economic growth follows.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Energy Industry
      • Construction Industry

Altaaqa Global is committed to assist Laos in building the required infrastructure to push the economy forward. Temporary power plants can supply power for large-scale operations. The latest environmentally friendly 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants, packaged with power solutions, can be dispatched and quickly installed whenever and wherever Laos needs the extra electricity.

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