Liberia is located in West Africa and is the only country in the continent with deep ties with the US. It is the only country in Africa initially populated by freed black slaves, in 1820. In fact, the country’s capital of Monrovia is named after the fifth  US President, James Monroe. Currently, Liberia is rebuilding after more than a decade of civil war. Peace is now present, and the government aims to improve the economy with its sound policies.

Most of Liberia’s infrastructure was destroyed during the civil war. Rebuilding is now a top priority, and for this, the country heavily relies on foreign aid. As the country makes inroads into refurbishing and rebuilding facilities, energy is in great need. The Ministry of Land, Mines and Energy is now pushing for more renewable energy facilities to increase the energy supply of the country.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Construction Industry
      • Energy Industry

Altaaqa Global is committed to assist Liberia in its rebuilding. The latest and cost-efficient temporary power plants can be used to help existing power plants to supply electricity for the building of industrial, agricultural and power generation infrastructure. Available power solutions and 24/7 support from Altaaqa Global’s extensive worldwide partners assures Liberia of prompt and reliable service anytime and anywhere.

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