Madagascar is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. An independent kingdom before being colonized by France in 1896, it regained its independence in 1960. Malagasy and French are its official languages.

Agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry are the main economic activities in Madagascar. The government has plans to heavily invest on building infrastructure for the foregoing sectors and to add ecotourism to the country’s economy. In order to achieve this, the government is now gradually looking at improving Madagascar’s roads, railways and navigable waterways – activities that will require considerable amounts of energy.

Areas or industries that may require temporary power plants:

      • Ecotourism Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Construction (roads and structures) Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

Madagascar has a lot of work cut out for it. Infrastructure for industries and transportation is paramount to help improve the country’s economy. Altaaqa Global is committed to help by delivering temporary power plants, along with customized power solutions, that are able to supply electricity anytime and anywhere it is needed.

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