Namibia is located in southern Africa, and was formerly under the rule of Germany until 1884. It is one of the least populated countries in the world, owing to its proximity of the Namib Desert.

Agriculture, mining and tourism make up the economy of Namibia. It is the fourth largest exporter of uranium. As the mineral proves to be abundant, the country is capitalizing on it by building nuclear power plants expected to be operational by 2018.

Areas or industries that may require rental power plants:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Mining Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Utility Power Generation Industry

Namibia’s building of infrastructure to support its industries will require additional Power – a fact that may burden the current power grid. Altaaqa Global can help Namibia’s cause by delivering interim power plants to supply power for large-scale operations. Round-the-clock support from thousands of worldwide partners is also available to Namibia when and where they need it.

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