Saint Helena

First discovered by the Portuguese, Saint Helena is now a British Overseas Territory, along with Ascension Island and Tristan de Cunha. It is one of the most isolated islands in the world and is known for being Napoleon Bonaparte’s place of exile from 1815 until his death in 1821.

Agriculture, tourism and financial assistance from the UK boost Saint Helena’s economy. As the island is only accessible by ships, an airport is currently being built, which will hopefully bring in additional foreign investment.

Areas or industries that may require interim power solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Power Supply Industry

Altaaqa Global can provide Saint Helena with rental power solutions as the island prepares for an economic upswing, with the airport currently being built expected to be completed by 2015. Facilities for current and upcoming sectors need electricity as they are being completed. As part of a comprehensive package, Altaaqa Global is capable of providing the island 24/7 support from more than 1,700 worldwide partners.

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