Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and was a former British trading colony until 1963 when it joined the Malaysian Federation. Two years later they separated and Singapore became independent. The country is now one of the most prosperous and is the world’s fourth leading financial center.

Singapore is one of the four original Tigers, along with Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Its economy is one of the strongest in the world. With no natural resources to rely on, Singapore has turned to the manufacturing sector, tourism and finance for revenue.

Areas or industries that may require energy solutions:

      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Utility Power Generation Industry

Singapore’s economic future is safe and secure. Maintenance and building of new infrastructure to replace outdated ones is regularly done. Altaaqa Global can supply the country with temporary power generators to supply the much needed electricity should the country’s existing power facilities need support in meeting the seasonal demand. Customer support is provided by a worldwide network of more than 1,700 partners anytime and anywhere it is required.

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