Tajikistan is a mountainous country located in Central Asia. It was formerly a part of the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991. After independence, the country went through a period of civil war, which ended in 1997. Tajikistan is now improving and its economy is steady and growing.

Overseas remittances, agriculture, aluminum production and hydropower are the main industries that power the economy of Tajikistan. The government is now making inroads into prioritizing the rebuilding of infrastructure destroyed or damaged by the civil war.

Areas or industries that may require energy solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Metal Refining Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Utility Power Generation Industry

Rental power solutions are the answer to Tajikistan’s energy needs, as it rebuilds and upgrades infrastructure to support its sectors. Altaaqa Global can supply the latest generators anytime and anywhere Tajikistan needs electricity for large-scale operations.

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