Timor Leste

Also known as East Timor, Timor Leste was a former colony of Portugal until its independence in 1975. It then came under the rule of Indonesia until 1999. East Timor is one of the only two predominantly Catholic countries in Asia (the other one being the Philippines).

Agriculture, and oil & gas reserves largely make up East Timor’s economy. Infrastructure was severely damaged throughout the years, and this is an obstacle to further economic growth. The government is now working to prioritize its rehabilitation so that the economy can move on.

Areas or industries that may require rental power solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Oil Industry
      • Natural Gas Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

Altaaqa Global’s state-of-the-art temporary power generators can supply electricity to support existing power grids as East Timor rebuilds its infrastructure. This is part of an extensive energy solution package to help the country with all its power needs.

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