Ukraine is located in Central Europe. Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, it achieved independence upon the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Ukraine’s past is a storied and historic one. Today, it is a growing democracy and is known to have a strong economy in the region.

Agriculture, manufacturing and heavy industry mark Ukraine’s economy. A major manufacturer and exporter of vehicles and spacecraft, the country is a middle-income state. Ukraine is currently looking at other sectors to diversify its economy.

Areas or industries that may require interim power solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Utility Power Industry

As Ukraine builds infrastructure for its growing sectors, power will be in demand. Altaaqa Global can help ease the pressure on existing grids by supplying interim power plants as part of an energy solution package. The company will supply Ukraine with state-of-the-art power stations and customer support for its operations.

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