American Samoa

American Samoa is a group of islands located on the South Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and New Zealand. Tuna fishing, processing and exporting are the main sources of income, with tourism a close second. In 2009, the islands suffered from an earthquake and subsequent tsunami where transportation and power generation were severely affected.

After the transportation and power sectors took a beating from the earthquake and tsunami, American Samoa’s recovery is a priority to get the island back on track. Supplemental power is urgently need to help get the damaged processing and tourism infrastructure back on line.

Areas or industries that may require energy rental solutions:

      • Tuna processing and Canning Industries
      • Tourism industry
      • Events & Hospitality Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

Altaaqa Global’s rental energy plants are built to withstand extreme climate; the sub-tropical climate of American Samoa is one of them. With energy solutions that can support the rebuilding of canning and tourism infrastructures, the island is assured of non-stop power.

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