Located in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is a former French colony until 1977. A small country of less than 9,000 square miles, it is a multi-ethnic nation that is predominantly Muslim. Due to its strategic location, Djibouti has controlling access to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden and is a very important shipping hub for the region.

Having control over a major shipping route means that facilities must be up to international maritime standards. This major source of income is stable and has no foreseeable problems. The only challenge to the economy is the reliance on diesel-generated electricity and imports. The country has to look for alternative sources of energy to minimize the cost on the economy. The building of another port to add to the two existing ones can help boost revenue in the future.

Areas or industries that may require temporary power plants:

      • Renewable Energy Industry
      • Maritime Industry

Djibouti needs additional energy while expanding its shipping ports and building alternative grids that do not rely on diesel generators. Altaaqa Global can supply temporary power plants to provide the necessary power as permanent infrastructure is built. They can be rapidly deployed, along with comprehensive power solutions to provide the necessary support.

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