Portugal is located in the Iberian Peninsula and was a maritime powerhouse in the Middle Ages, with colonies found in all the major continents of the world. Though slowly relinquishing all its territories, its influence on the culture of its former colonies is still seen and felt today.

Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the major sectors of Portugal’s economy. Current government policy aims to beef up these sectors as a response to the challenge from other lower-cost producers worldwide.

Areas or industries that may require rental power solutions:

      • Agriculture Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Construction Industry
      • Power Generation Industry

As Portugal takes steps towards boosting its competitiveness with world markets, building infrastructure for its industries is a must. Altaaqa Global knows that the demand for power will increase and that this may take its toll on current power grids. Rental power solutions can be provided to help support such operations. Temporary power plants and 24/7 customer service are just some of the valuable solutions that Altaaqa Global can provide to Portugal.

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