Falkland Islands

The Falklands Islands is caught up in a territorial tug-of-war among countries, such as Spain, France, Argentina and Britain. Currently under British rule, the Islands is self-supporting, and only depends on the mother country for its military defense.

Agriculture used to be the country’s main economic source, until surpassed by fishing and tourism. Recent discoveries have shown sizeable oil deposits that could yield several hundred thousand barrels of oil a day. Construction of infrastructure is, thus, under way.

Areas or industries that may require interim power plants:

      • Oil Industry
      • Tourism Industry
      • Fishing Industry
      • Power Supply Industry

With the recent confirmation of sizeable offshore oil deposits around the Falkland Islands, power will definitely be needed to support construction of related facilities. Altaaqa Global is able to supply the latest interim power plants that are rated safe for use in Zone 2 Hazardous areas.

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