Greece traces its roots back to thousands of years of history. The immeasurable contribution of ancient Greece in terms of art, science, literature and politics, to name a few fields, has and will continue to shape our modern world well into the future. Greece is a developed country with a strong and stable economy along with a high standard of living.

The economy of Greece revolves around the service, industrial and agricultural sectors. Tourism is an important industry for Greece, as the country is one of the most visited in the world. Maritime, telecommunications and technology are also income-earners. Constant upgrading and building of new facilities are continuous, and construction-related activities are expected to require constant power.

Areas or industries that may require rental power plants in Greece:

      • Tourism Industry
      • Agriculture Industry
      • Maritime Industry
      • Utility Power Industry

Greece continues drive its economy forward and the construction of infrastructure is an indication towards this direction. Altaaqa Global can support that growth by delivering temporary power plants that can supply power to operations. Modern and capable energy rental power plants of 20 MW or above can provide the necessary electricity needed. Efficient power solutions are also available to suit the requirements of Greece.

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