Democratic Republic of Congo

A former Belgian colony, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) gained its independence in 1960. After decades of unrest, the country has taken steps to improve the government and the economy.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is widely recognized as the world’s richest country in terms of natural resources. However, only a fraction of the approximate reserve is utilized. Lack of basic infrastructure is a major challenge that needs to be hurdled. Another potential source of revenue may be in the form of hydroelectric power, as the country has 50% of Africa’s forests and river systems. Experts say that with that amount of resources, the Democratic Republic of Congo may be able to provide power to the whole continent.

Areas or industries that may require interim energy solutions:

      • Mining Industry
      • Power Industry

As the DRC government realizes the economic potential of the country and puts into place policies to boost construction of the necessary infrastructure, Altaaqa Global can supply the latest interim power generators to help provide the needed energy to sustain the projects. Reliable and efficient power solutions to support the hardware are also available.

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