Iceland has the oldest functioning legislative assembly in the world (Althing, circa 930). The country is politically and economically stable and has a very high literacy and longevity rate among its population.

Fishing is the industry that greatly contributes to the economy. However, declining fish stocks and fluctuating prices worldwide have pushed the country into looking into other industries. Currently, technology and finance has received a boost, and facilities are being built to support them.

Areas or industries that require temporary power plants:

      • Fishing Industry
      • Technology Industry
      • Construction Industry

As Iceland diversifies its industries to ease the pressure of its fishing industry, more infrastructure are being built. Altaaqa Global assures full support to Iceland with its temporary power plants available for rent. Fully efficient power solutions, along with a choice of the latest 20 MW to 100 MW temporary power plants, are on hand to immediately deploy anytime and anywhere they are needed.

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